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About Wisdomtree 

Wisdomtree, a digital transformation consulting company based in Australia, is headed by Principal Consultant and CEO, Adam Winchester. With 25 years of experience in the technology industry, Adam has exposure across various sectors including Financial Services, Field Services, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Construction, Education, Entertainment, Healthcare, Radio Broadcasting, and Telecommunications.

Vendor and platform agnostic, but with deep knowledge across the digital landscape including Google, Amazon, Salesforce, Zoho One, Adobe, Microsoft Dynamics, and others, Adam provides an intelligent approach to digital transformation consulting for late-stage startups, growth-stage middle market, and enterprise organisations looking to compete in the new digital landscape.

Our bespoke 360-degree consultation, implementation, and training service follows a proven process. We engage with your business at a deep level to understand human processes, identify automation opportunities, and implement systems customized to perfectly suit your unique business processes, driving team efficiencies, and superb customer experience.


How we work



Understanding the pain in an organisation, objectively, and from a human operational process perspective, allows for the right technology recommendations to be made to solve areas of pain or broken processes.



A deep dive into the human and business processes in a business helps to understand the actions taken, data considerations, automation opportunities, and legislative requirements. This step informs the features required in the new architecture to support these processes.



A technical audit of the current technology stack, including existing platforms, databases, SAAS, PAAS and legacy systems, will be conducted. This will include any integrations or silo data and any systems that must be maintained in the new architecture.



The potential candidates for inclusion in the future state technology stack will be identified where the lowest amount of custom development is required to meet the outcomes. The per seat license cost will be considered and must be within the budget range.


candidate Prototyping

Rapid prototyping will be conducted on each of the candidates to produce a light Proof of Concept. A candidate report will be produced, including a fit score on suitability against desired outcomes.



The candidate prototyping, recommendations, fit score, outcome alignment, any identified areas of custom feature development requirements, and the top recommendation will be presented to the steering committee for review and decision-making.



The solution build will commence on-site at your office (or remotely, if preferred) to allow deep engagement with your product team.



A segmented, bespoke, on-site training program will be conducted with your distinct user groups and champions to ensure they are fully equipped to use the new technology effectively.



Change management deployment and support will be provided to ensure wide adoption of the new technology changes across the organisation.



The new technology changes will be embedded into the business and intensive on-demand support will be provided to team members during the learning curve to ensure a smooth transition and successful adoption.

Client Partners

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Experience true partnership

Change should be known

As much as possible without a crystal ball, all of the requirements should be known and documented before a project begins, including potential impacts to the project which may introduce change.

Undocumented outcomes result in more budget and time requirements, not to mention uncomfortable conversations with senior stakeholders and the board.

Getting the right people in the room and asking the right questions takes experience.

Uplift / Training the gap

Understanding the knowledge gap is essential before moving forward with a training program for staff. We work to understand the knowledge gap and design capability uplift training programs so that staff can get the maximum benefit from these sessions.

Glazed eyes in training sessions are never a good indicator of success. The goal of training should be to transfer the right knowledge to the people who need it, not just training for training’s sake.

As featured in Marketing Magazine

The Truth Issue

What many marketers don’t realise is that most of the technology doesn’t do “exactly what it says it does on the box”.

(Adam) Winchester says from problems such as integrating with existing systems, or being told that the product works in a particular way when it doesn’t, companies are faced with a dizzying complexity of tech to negotiate in order to get their products, first, in the right context and, second, transacted smoothly with the right logistical back-up to get into customers’ hands with minimal delay and fuss. As a result, the current marketing environment – while offering amazing opportunities for companies – also presents extreme risks.

“Much of the enterprise level kit can cost millions and years to integrate into existing systems while the actual impacts to the organisation may not be known until after the integration,” says (Adam) Winchester. “This means that companies risk losing months or even years in a market that changes on a weekly basis.”

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