Zoho Deluge: Round Robin using Groups and Random Number Generator

Zoho Deluge: Round Robin using Groups and Random Number Generator

Great for leads, approvals and anything else, because you can tell anyone who gets upset that it is a random process!

departmentmgrgroup = zoho.crm.getOrgVariable("departmentmgrgroup");
managergroup = zoho.crm.getOrgVariable("managergroup");
seniormgrgroup = zoho.crm.getOrgVariable("seniormgrgroup");

I saved the Group ID to an Org Variable so I didn’t need to call it every time, and I can get it really easily. I find the Users Group endpoint clunky, especially since it is not available in Zoho Deluge

//Set Lists to hold the IDs of the Users assigned to the groups
departList = List();
managerLIst = List();
seniorMap = LIst();
// Start with Department Managers, get the group, and return List of Associated Users
departmentManagers = invokeurl
	url :"https://www.zohoapis.com.au/crm/v5/settings/user_groups/" + departmentmgrgroup + "/sources"
	type :GET
//Burn the unnecessary parts of the response to allow for a clean loop
departmentManagers = departmentManagers.getJSON("sources");
//Set up the loop to get each User ID and add to the List defined earlier
for each  dmgr in departmentManagers
	source = dmgr.getJSON("source").get("id");
Then I randomised the users in the group
//Randomise the Department Manager Approver to be assigned
lists = departMap;
size = lists.size();
for each  i in lists
	if(size > 0)
		random = randomNumber(0,size);
		size = size - 1;
// Remove all other Users from the list except random index 0
dmgrapprover = lists.get(0);

And there you have it. You can then assign this person as the owner of the record, and every time it will be completely random from the selected group!