Zoho CRM Training in Sydney

Zoho CRM Training Sydney

A Comprehensive 3Day Course with Bespoke Options, Knowledge Gap Analysis and Uplifting Organisational Solutions

For business owners in Sydney, Zoho CRM is the perfect solution to help streamline their operations and manage their customer relationships. But with this powerful software, comes the need for staff to undergo proper training in order to get the most out of the software. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available in Sydney to ensure proper training of staff.

At Wisdomtree, we offer bespoke training in Sydney for small businesses up to 8 participants. Our training is run in a workshop setting and is targeted specifically to meet your needs.

We begin by carrying out a knowledge gap analysis to ensure your staff understand the Zoho CRM system and to identify any areas which require further focus or training. Once the gap analysis is complete, we present a sample threeday training plan which will involve presentations, hands on exercises, question and answer sessions and a demonstration of the software.

Our aim is to provide your organisation with the necessary skills and knowledge to uplift their performance. Our trainers are all certified in Zoho CRM and each have the appropriate licence and years of experience in training and consulting for a range of businesses.

In addition to training your staff, we also provide all the necessary documentation, manuals and quick reference guides required for daytoday use. We will ensure everyone is prepared to use Zoho CRM at the end of the 3day training period.

For any specific needs, we also offer ongoing support after the completion of the 3day course. This includes oneonone sessions and tailored tutorials to ensure everyone understands the software before they finish the course.

Our trainers are all Australian, which means they understand Australian businesses and the methods of working. They not only teach the software but provide professional guidance and feedback to ensure everyone gets the most out of Zoho CRM. If youre looking for Zoho CRM Training in Sydney, then look no further than Wisdomtree. Our experienced trainers will ensure everyone using the software gets the most out of it. We‘ll also provide all the support you need afterwards to ensure you have a successful journey with Zoho CRM.

The 3Day Training Plan

Our training plan is designed to encompass everything needed to make your team experts in using and applying the various features of Zoho CRM.

On the first day of the course, your team will get introduced to the basics of Zoho CRM such as its history, purpose, target market and the modules that are available.

Following it, the focus of the second day will shift towards the Zoho CRM database. Here, you and your team will learn about database reports, profiles, record details and database manipulation.

On the last day of the training program, your team will have a better understanding of the Leads, Contacts and Accounts module. Additionally, they will also learn how to use the Sales Force Automation features and how to extend the capabilities of Zoho CRM through customisations.

Bespoke Packages

We understand that every organisations needs are different and therefore, our Zoho CRM training program is offered as part of multiple packages tailored to your business particular requirements. Our bespoke options include pretraining assessments, customised knowledge gap analysis, tailored benefits and operational goals, specific approach guidance and more.

Knowledge Gap Analysis

Additionally, our Zoho CRM training service also includes knowledge gap analysis that is developed through our deep understanding and knowledge of Zoho CRM and its various modules. Through our multiple assessment tests, we are able to determine the strengths, weaknesses and skills gap within your team and offer recommendation on how to improve productivity and performance in the most effective way.

Organisational Uplift

Using the insights from our knowledge gap analysis, our certified consultants are able to offer innovative organisational strategies that could help increase the efficiency and performance of your business. Our strategies can help your organisation create processes to action new ideas and nurture a culture of agility and adaptation.

Onsite Training in Sydney

To make sure our services are available to everyone, we provide onsite training in Sydney and its surrounding areas too. This option allows us to offer a more personalised training service and is ideal for larger organisations that need to upskill multiple teams in a short amount of time.

Ongoing Support

We also provide ongoing support after your organisation has completed the training program and you have implemented our tips and recommendations. Through our comprehensive support, your team will no longer have to wait to get acclimatised the Zoho CRM system they can ask and receive assistance at any time to ensure the smooth working of your operations.

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